Residential Roof Repair

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Our residential roof repair team is happy to help you with your roofing needs!  But how do you know if it’s time to get in touch with a Tulsa residential roofing team? Our Tulsa residential roofing staff pulled together a few different reasons why it could be time to replace your roof.  


1. The Roof is Old

One reason it might be time to get in touch with a Tulsa residential roofing team is if your roof is old.  20-25 years is a widely accepted lifespan for a residential roof.  It is probably time to get it replaced if your roof is older than 20 years.  Even if you have added an additional roofing layer above your original roof, the original layer will probably need to be removed and a new roof added in its place if the original roof is older than 20 years.  Feel free to contact our Tulsa residential roofing team for help if you have any questions or if you wold like to set up an appointment to have your roof evaluated.


2. The Shingles are Curling

A telltale sign that you need to replace the roof of your home and contact a Tulsa residential roofing company is if you have notice shingles that are curled or bucklin.  Curling shingles or shingles that have lost their granules could be old and worn out or defective.  You can check your gutter for shingle granules.  If your gutter is full of shingle granules then your shingles will need to be replaced with new ones. Something else to look out for is shingles that have an inconsistent color pattern or shingles that are missing altogether.  Our highly trained Tulsa residential roofing specialists would be more than happy to visit you and evaluate the state of the shingles on your roof, all you need to do is simply pick up your phone and give our Tulsa residential roofing team a call to set up an appointment today.


3. Sunlight is coming through

If you notice daylight shining through in the attic it could be time to replace your roof.  This might seem like a normal phenomenon but light visibility may actually be a sign of roof damage.  Excessive moisture might have caused damage to your roof allowing light to shine through, which subsequently weakens the underlying deck.  There may even be moisture that has seeped into the insulation itself.  If you have noticed these problems, do not hesitate to get in contact with your local Tulsa residential roofing company for help.

These are just a few warning signals that a roof replacement is long over due.  Don’t put your family at risk by ignoring the red flags.  Having your roof maintenanced and replaced when needed will allow you peace of mind that your household is well covered and protected from threatening weather and unnecessary accidents.


Tulsa Residential Roof Repair

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